Saturday 22 October 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

hmmm.. so what exactly took me so long in writting to you Grizzlers Blogspot?
Not the lazyness, not on the purpose to procrastinate either.
Maybe, I've been thinking. Thinking of what this team really means to me.
-A cheerleader team.

I started seeing stunts on TV when I was little, the known show called 'Bring It On'.
Being awe by their performances I wonder where are they here in Singapore, my country.
Until I need to enter Secondary School to realise that "Hey, there are such thing in reality."
I wanted to enter a particular school for the sake of their availabilty in their Chearleading CCA but didn't.
Until I saw you, recruting members after a year waiting in search of your booth.
-I don't want to miss this chance.

Have you been wanting to give up midway of your journey to success?
-I had, multiples times.

Why are you still staying in the team then?
-.... I've always believe in holding on to someone until someone gives me up.

There are soo many ups & downs my dear bearmates, all of us know that.
Despite my sorrows, my disheartens & the lack of love, I saw a sunshine.
Yes, a sunshine in us, in our heart and faces of all members and our coaches.
And yes, our downs demolished by the perception of grabbing our happiness.
-Let's smile together

What really constitutes being a REAL cheerleader? -Jaime
-To me, it teaches us the ultimate values of life.
To love, believe and trust yourself and others.
To be together as one, a friendship, family and a team
And despite mamy more to mention, this I must say:
To persevere, endure and shine for where you belong.

PS: " I love it cause its so challenging, both mentally and physically, and best of all, it makes you grow as a person, and an athlete." -Mummy J.


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