Tuesday 30 August 2011

Dear Grizzlers, remember we won the VOM? Yay we won ourselves $50! So anyway, it's still the exam months and many wasn't able to turn up for training. If you're busy studying and weren't able to turn up, HERE'S A PHOTO OF THE REST OF US AND THE FIFTY BUCKS!!!


Can't wait to see everybody back on the mats already!

Thursday 18 August 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

Hi sweet lovable bears! Trainings have been pretty awesome for me. On certain days, I would dread trainings or feel really upset and all. But once training begins, it feels like everything which have been bothering me just magically disappears. Trainings are like happy pills!

And I feel that we're progressing quite fast, and that's gooooood! Although our stunts are not in a perfect condition yet, I believe that we will work together as a team and improve as one. Training is resuming next week! Let's work hard. :)
Xo, Gwenda.

‘GRIZZLERS’,I almost forget how to spell it, but I will never forget how to said it loud and clear. it
will be the word I would never forget in my life. I believe everyone won’t forget too.

Whatever we want to do on the mats, it is achievable. The most important thing that I've
found, that perhaps you could use, is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction
that we choose in life, and we'll be a winner. And failure will never overtake us if we
determination to succeed is strong enough.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Jia You!!


Tuesday 9 August 2011


the bears will be having 2 weeks exam break! thus there wont be any updates... so please....

to all my fellow furry bears, study hard and study smart! we shall be back on the mats training 3 times a week and we shall train even harder!!! all the best to all for your exams!! :)

jia you!!!

Friday 5 August 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

It's the starting of the 4th month together with you guys and i love it very much to be training and spending my wednesdays and fridays with you all!It's been a tough 4 months with people coming and going and I'm glad to say that many of us lasted till this day from the very starting!

I believe that we can achieve greater things if only we put in more effort every practise and strive to remember our techniques and apply them properly!

Lastly, training camp is on it's way and although it likely would be very tough, i'm sure we'll be able to pull through the training camp and come out as stronger and better bears!Let's take the cheer scene by storm! :DD
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! <33333333333 Loves, Gwen <3

Greetings to the everyone/anyone reading this....?
Joining you all for training has really allowed me to experience a lot of things.
Such an example is training together as a team, which is something I really missed doing before coming to cheer.
Being in this cca has also caused me to feel really restless as im gyming every weekday and weekends cardio. Thus im waking up at 5am on wed/fri to hit the gym.
Nevertheless.. I still come for training cos its really enjoyable to train with you guys!!
And though I think I'm really slow to learn, I promise I'll try harder!
Lastly, I hope that we would continue to improve and be able to make GRIZZLERS a team people would envy.

Live long and prosper - BIG Leo