Thursday 22 September 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

Sup grizzlers,
It has been 5 months since i joined you guys. Most of the times when i was on the verge of giving up, it was everybodys encouragements and constantly telling me that i can do it, makes me want to keep trying. This 5 months was no doubt a tough, but fun journey for me. Im so glad i get to try things i've never imagined myself trying. It took me awhile to really step out my comfort zone. The best thing about this sport is that, we are never doing it alone. We do it together, as one, as a team.

Cheerleading is a sport that takes a lot of patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether we avoid this failure, because we won't. It's whether we let it harden or shame us into inaction, or whether we learn from it; whether we choose to persevere. Together as a team, i believe we can do it.

*insert lots and lots of love*

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

Hi Grizzlers, I'm Daniel.
It's been 5 months since the very first training I've attended.
I still can remember how our Coaches were still giving us a step-by-step instructions
from how to do a proper PA Stand, to transit into a shoulder seat..
I know it's been ONLY 5 months, but think about how much we've achieved together
as a team. (RP Exchange Programme; Our little performance for our school's run;
and the performance we had at the NS 21km run.)
We've endured through all the trainings, the PTs, and we've come this far together,
too far to give up now! So let's encourage and push each other on as we train harder
and more aggressively! Let's go GRIZZLERS!!!!
Hey Grizzlers! We have come this far now, it's about time to step up our game!
Trainings have been killing, but y'all do realise that everybody survives all the time right? ;) "What don't kill us only makes us stronger."
Every time you feel like giving up, just remember that trainings can actually be a lot tougher and think of the fun we have together instead. "Time flies when you're having (or in this case, thinking of) fun."
Every time you feel like giving up, just remember what you're going through all these for. "The greatest motivator you will ever meet in life is yourself."
Every time you feel like giving up, just remember what the coaches taught us: "Your mind will bring you to where your body can't."
Grizzly bears are fierce and we will work hard to live up to that name, won't we? Be strong, Grizzlers. <3
Fist bump.
♥, Ally

Sunday 4 September 2011

"Good Job on encouraging the runners today Grizzlers!!! Always display the hype energy like what you guys did just now! :D" -Luqman

Im sure all of us had a lot of fun cheering the runners today! Just like what the coaches told us, if we cheer with our hearts, the runners will feel it, and they will know:) Today was a fruitful day and all of us grizzlers really enjoyed ourselves despite waking up at early at 3am to prepare. We really appreciate that we were given a chance to do this. Grizzlers lets work harder together and progress further together!!!!


Thursday 1 September 2011

Words of Encouragement to the team!

Hey Grizzlers!
Although its only my first year in cheerleading, i have already learnt so much. Training is something i look forward to all the while. There may be times where some of us cant tae it anymore but we still are able to pull through no matter what.

Training has never been less than fun! With great and crazy friends and coaches, its hard not to smile (: We should never be afraid to keep trying and get everything right. Keep the right mindset and we will shine!Jiayous Grizzlers! See you on the mats! :D


'ps. please use nice picture uh'<- HAHAHAHAHAHHA IS THIS PICTURE NICE?
Hi grizzlers! This is Patricia ^^
I am really glad i went to club crawl this year and got to see our cheerleading booth. At first i was really hesitant on joining cheerleading, because afterall i cant imagine myself wearing short skirts and being all girly. Then when i saw some guys doing toe touch (if i am not wrong it's weichen hahaha), it appealed to me more because the reason i had first wanted to join cheerleading was because of the gymnastics invovled in it. Even though my reason for joining cheerleading is because of gymnastics, i realised cheerleading is really fun with all of you around. I really like the atmosphere during training as everyone is working together as a team and having fun. Even though every time after my classes i will be damn drained, when i go to cheer it brightens up my day. I hope that we can continue to grow as a team, and make our name known to all the schools out there, and when we graduate, we will be proud to say we were once a grizzler. So let's all jiayou! Go GRIZZLERS!