Monday 28 October 2013

Guess Who got new Shoes!?!?

The shoes are here!!!

  It's been awhile, and the Shoes are finally here! Training atmosphere is getting better and our family is more bonded! What better timing than now to have our shoes come to add the cherry on top!

Look at these Happy Bears!!


Well, that's about it for now. Love You Bears! See you next training! As for our supporters, stay tuned for more updates!  

Friday 13 September 2013

In Memory of a Fellow Cheerleader.

Dedicated to a fellow cheerleader.

Our condolences to his family.

News have been out that one of our fellow cheerleader in Singapore had passed away.
In respect to him and his family much information will not be disclosed.

As we mourn and give our prayers to his family members.
Let us not forget that cheerleading is a dangerous sport, always be alert and never take things for granted as accidents are unpredictable. 

May God bless his soul,
May angels be with him.
May he rest in peace.

Sunday 30 June 2013

Bring To Bear '13 (Day 2 & 3)


On Day 2 of Bring to Bear '13, we woke up at about 8am to clear our sleeping rooms as it was a last min thing that we need to decide it was a 3 days 1 night camp.

We had our breakfast and next we started of with the first activity which was training :)
Just before training we played a game which required everyone to blow the paper plate to one another through mouth to mouth using the technique of blowing and sucking. Kind of challenging though :D

The game just started  :D

Close up of the bears playing the game :)

Usual warm up with jumping jacks.

Kind of funny this pic.. Hahaha.. Zac (left) like charging his energy, Faizal (right) practicing Wing Chun.

Next we had lunch before Annual General Meeting (AGM), it's the passing down of committee members, showing and brief everyone who were the previous committee members and the current committee members. Then Grizzlers Bonding Camp 13/14 T-shirts and marshmallow pop were given out!!! The junior bears got their first Grizzlers tee too! Next were the announcing of the top scorers for the most recent and first evaluation of the junior bears, every single junior bears were very anxious when Coach Fai was announcing the results, Grizzlers' badge were awarded to them :)

Enjoying lunch :)

AGM just started

Jeslyn best flyer among the girl bases. :)

Renkeat :)

Reginald :)

Top scorer for bases, Eugene. Keep it up! :D

Sabrina :)

Grace :)

Soe :)

LiYing :)

Top scorers for flyers, Patty. Keep it up! :D

A informal shot of us :)

Now everyone knows who was the one who kept squishing the guys.

To those who scored really well for the evaluation, well done and keep it up!! :D
To those who did not score well don't be discourage!! Keep trying, don't give up, we believe in you!

Next we catered delicious food which includes desserts. The next game before we really break camp while all the bears need to report 8am the next day, was amazing race, it was a fun & challenging game, finding the correct place with the hint (work their minds) we given to them, and doing some things to please the specific committee members in order to advance in the next stage of the game, it was kind of a fast game, with about only a time constraint of 1hour plus.

Unfortunately, we do not have any pics of the last game, and when the first 3 winners were announced. It was time to break camp at about 10pm, we know that everyone wanted to stay another night but at least we stayed for a night for the camp. :)

Everyone was all exhausted, thrilled, pumped up ready for the last day of camp, because it's one of the main activities of the camp, as each team is being awarded water bombs for each game.


On the 3rd day, the bears reported at 8am, to eat breakfast and get ready for the day.
While everyone were having training, most of the committee members were preparing the water bombs for the whole game. :)

The amount of water bombs we prepared since morning. About 750 waterbombs!

Waiting to be brief of the water games.

A demonstration for the bears how to play the game :)

Glen showing his 'SWAGNESS' (Nose to Ear)

Elbow to Nose.

Chest to Chest :)

Hugging with love :D

Committee members ready for the games!

'Datuk' giving the 'No worries' face :)

Committee members making it more challenging. :D

Committee showing the bears how it is played for the next game, the 'Tank'.


Taking a shot where both groups going to battle with all they got against each toehr.


While playing Captain's ball with water bomb as the ball.


Sorry, you are too dry. :)

The committee vs the campers. (Final game: The Showdown) :)

Making everyone as wet as possible :)

 The water games was the last game and one of the last activity of the camp, the games we played for water games, were the limbs to limbs, Captain's ball, Tank, and the final showdown.

Everyone had so much fun and kind of exhausted by the games too, some got burned by the sun, we bet that everyone was wet, not a single of them is dry when they left the places where we played the water games.

After the games, half of the bears were given time to wash up and change, while the other half were given time to eat their dinner.

As we prepared ourselves for Legacy exchange (Our first exchange for 2013) where the junior bears first time meeting them :)

Being brief of what we going to do!

Practicing our arm motions!! :)

We did the cha cha dance again!


All Girls group! Q lib :)

Hitch Kick Twist :)

Ice breaking time!

Shaking Hands !! :)

The two coaches: Coach Fairul & Coach Andra !:)

They are flexible too :)

Grizzlers and Legacy Committee.

Ice breaking games! (MRT)

 After playing the Ice breaking game, we were split into junior and senior groups to learn specific stunts that are new to some of us. :)

Coach Andra briefing the bears about what we gonna do :)

It was the end of Grizzlers and Legacy exchange, it's time for the committee of Grizzlers to give out Grizzlers key chains to them.

And lastly it was time to take pic with Legacy! :)

The committee and alumni of Grizzlers! :)


People are about to get squished at the front row :D

Alumni Flyers of Grizzlers! :)

The sisters!

Legacians! :)

It was time to end the camp, before that the committee needed to present the champion group for Grizzlers bonding camp '13, and prom winners. Coincidentally for 3 years, it was Teddy Bear who kept winning the camp.

The Champion group for Grizzlers Bonding camp '13: Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear!

Winners for prom :)

Last pic to end off, with Grizzlers and Legacy doing cupies!

 Lastly before we end this post, we need to thank the committee, coach Fairul for making the camp possible, Legacy for the awesome exchange together, we hope to see you soon bigger brothers and sisters! :)

Remember what this camp is for, to bring us closer together as Grizzlers accepting each others' imperfections, for the junior bears it had just only started for your road to nationals and your cheerleading life. :) The fun of cheerleading had just began :)

For all the bears, get ready and train hard! Stay tuned for more updates on our blog :D