Monday 31 March 2014

CAS National Cheerleading Championships 2014

On 29th March 2014, Grizzlers 24 men team has clinched second place in CASNCC 2014 in the "Team Cheer Senior High Coed Premier" category! We did not expect this and the bears are truly grateful to those who helped and supported in one way or another. 

Looking back, it had been a tough but wonderful journey for Grizzlers and especially the 24 men who competed in CASNCC & ACIC 2014. It was a worthy roller-coaster ride. 

The 24 men team had started training for the competition since early July 2013. Yes, 9 months of hardwork, 3 days a week. Not forgetting the intensive training camp which happened during the week of competition. 

Trainings was not easy. Having to deal with attendance issues due to FYP and attachments and some people were running out of patience. But did the bears and coach give up? No they did not. Instead, they pushed even harder. The bears made the best out of what they have despite different obstacles they faced during the 9 months. 

Then here comes the intensive training camp. 4 days 2 nights camp in school, training from afternoon till night time. The critical week for the 24 men team and it was either you make it or break it period. During the week, Grizzlers 24 men put their heart into the routine. Legacy All Stars came to train with the bears as well and they were so supportive and motivating. Watching them run their routine, the bears are still in awed by their burning passion and spirit for cheerleading. They are Grizzlers' role models. 

On 29th March 2014, Grizzlers gathered in half uniform, ready to set off to Downtown East D'Marquee.
(carrying all the props/ speakers/ ribbons/ mascot...)
Upon reaching, the 24 men warmed up their stunts while waiting for lunch. People were feeling jittery and excited at the same time.
Under the hot blazing Sun :/

After lunch, the girls went to do their makeup and hair.

And the boys... 
More warming up of stunts.... 

After the second run of warm ups, the 24 men team were more ready than before, knowing that they have only got one chance to shine and show what they are made of. Carrying the words from Legacy All Stars, Coach Fai and some of the fellow team mates, the 24 men stepped into the competition ground. 
Grizzlers all ready to scream their lungs out for the 24 men team!!
Cute lil cupcakes made with love and support

Before the emcee of the event could call out NYP Grizzlers, the supporters roared "NYP", cheering our bears and letting them know we are here for them no matter what. When the 24 men team came out, everyone screamed and clapped. During the cheer sequence, Legabears who know the cheer cheered loudly together as a family. As the entire routine was running, all of us were hoping that no one would get hurt and the stunts would all go smoothly. Hearts were racing. 

The pyramids were beautiful and not matter what, the 24 men team have definitely outdone themselves.

Grizzlers and Coach Fai are proud of every single one of you. 

As Grizzlers was waiting for the results, some were biting their fingers, some clasping their hands tightly together. Then, the emcee announced "Second runner up, TP Blazers!". Many of our hearts sank and wanted to pack and leave. When hopes seemed lost, the emcee announced "First runner up... NYP GRIZZLERS!" Everyone stood up, jumping, screaming and clapping as the 24 men team ran out to receive their medals. Tears of joy rolled down some faces as the unexpected results was being announced. Many hugs were exchanged and the happiness could not be described. After so much hardwork and perseverance through thick and thin together for 9 months, it is all worth it and the 24 men team knows and feels it.

Grizzlers would like to thank Coach Fai who has always been there for us, never giving up and using all means to guide us. Also, Legacy All Stars and Grizzlers' alumni who has been there during the most crucial period of time, giving us support and motivation throughout this journey. And not forgetting, the helpers from Razers on the day of competition with the hair, makeup and miscellaneous! Grizzlers love you all! :)

Here's a link to watch the full routine in HD: