Sunday 30 September 2012

Guinness Arthur's Day Concert 2012.

Hello everyone! On 28 September, Grizzlers was performing beside Ding Dang! :) It was such an enjoyable and wonderful experience. I mean, how many of you get to be IN A CONCERT and actually  performing on stage :)

Although this is actually a pretty simple routine. It was not easy having to piece it together, because some of us are on attachment and it's actually tiring for them to travel to school after work but they did it :) Thank you!

On 27 September we had a rehearsal there and some changes have to done to our routine. And we had such a short time to absorb it, especially the ones on attachment where they only get to know about the changes the next day. But we did it! I bet coach is very proud of us :p sometimes in life we got to move out of our comfort zone :)

Rehearsal Day
 Excited Bears
Glowing Sport Bra

Actual Day
Red Bull
Red Bull
Over dose of Red Bull
Coach making us look pretty :)

Cheryl & Miss Karen
Getting Ready for the concert

Our Proud Moment

Cheryl and Chi Yao
Puteri & Coach Fai
Concert Ended. Debrief

 We wouldn't be able to do this without our Coach! Thank you Coach, We love you <3

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Tiger Airways 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Tiger Airways
So it was Tiger Airways' 8th Birthday on 25 September. Thank you Tiger Airways and Federation of Cheerleading Singapore to actually give us this opportunity to perform. It was definitely an awesome and wonderful experience. 

Having to piece the routine together isn't easy, further more time wasn't on our side. Having to learn and synchronizes the dance steps was quite a headache as well. But WE DID IT, together :)

On the day itself, we kept ourself warm by stretching and playing some games at a corner of T2. & when we got the news that VIP is here excitement took over. We made our way to the entrance and welcome the tiger! 
Welcoming the Tiger
"ladies ladies ladies.." routine started. And before we know it, the routine was over. :) Great job everyone!

Last Pose

Cake Cutting session


Bears Outing.

It's the holiday and it's time for some fun under the Sun with the Bears. It's our very first bonding outing together with the junior bears. It's definitely one of those outing where everyone gets to have fun and learn more about each other. It's different from being together on the mats. We appreciate every single one that actually make and find time to attend this outing! This outing wouldn't be a success without each and everyone of you :)


Our hunky guys

Everyone in the sea
hehe caught
Shoulder sitssssss


 A outing at Sentosa is a great place. Because even bases gets to fly for btoss. Heehee

Hulk gets to fly too!


 Thank you Randall for all the wonderful pictures and also not forgetting his assistant, Derrick :)
Hope you bears had fun!