Monday 27 January 2014

ViVa! - A NYP Musical Production

NYP has kindly invited Grizzlers to participate in an annual NYP musical production and this year, it is titled, ViVa! Majority of the juniors were sent to represent Grizzlers. It was held on 24th and 25th January 2014 at the Esplanade. Grizzlers would like to thank the school for giving us such a rare opportunity to perform on a world-class stage like this! :)

Three months ago, Grizzlers, together with many other CCAs, had our first combined meeting. Everyone simply just stayed in their own respective CCAs and were all strangers. We were all skeptic and did not really enjoy the rehearsals. After time, we got used to it and was hoping this would end quick. But who knows, three months later, many new friendships and bonds were created. The junior bears got closer to one another as well. We had mixed feelings about the production coming to an end.

What all the performers shared on stage was indescribable. That synergy, we thought we could never create. Things that happened backstage are also locked in our memories :) 

The senior bears, a few of the other junior bears who are not involved, and coach came down to show some support for the juniors bears on stage!
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