Saturday 20 April 2013

Club Crawl 2013

We have finally came to the end of Club Crawl 2013! A big THANK YOU to all who showed your support for Grizzlers =) Also, thank you coach Fai for your constant guidance and unconditional love. Grizzlers wouldn't have come this far without you :') We wish you were here with us but now that it's all over, we hope we did u proud! Come home soon!!

Grizzlers before the last Club Crawl performance
Club Crawl 2013 also marks the end of the journey in Grizzlers for some of our seniors who are graduating this May. Weichen, Khoi, Zhang Yu, Pat, Sunny, Joycelyn, May, Geraldine, Sabrina, the team is ever so thankful for all of you. You guys have contributed to Grizzlers in numerous ways and you'll always be part of Grizzlers. Two words: Endless Gratitude. Thank you. *bear hug* :P

The Grizzlers Booth!

Our mascot <3

Thank you for coming down to support us!! Mucho love <3

Weichen came straight from the airport just to support us :')

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     The boys can fly too! But of course, with the help of our super bases!

Our strong girls :)
Gwenda doing a cupie with sunny :)

With this, we conclude Club Crawl 2013!

Our Grizzlers name card
For those who did not take our Grizzlers name card and still wish to join us, the above are the details of our training days and time. See you this coming Monday, 22nd April at 6.30pm, report at Forum (Block E, level 3) which is above north canteen. Please be in sports attire and preferably flat-soled shoes. For the girls, remember your sports bra and tights. Be punctual!! :) Be there or be square ya?

All in all, good job Grizzlers!! Each and every one of you did a fantabulous job. Continue to work hard together as a team and overcome challenges because the sky is our limit. Always remember, "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."


Sunday 7 April 2013

Dedicated to Khoi

Khoi is one of our pioneer batch and few boys of Grizzlers ever since we started out small.
We will not forget Khoi's sleepiness vibe around him, his funny slogans used.

Here are some pictures of him ever since we started.

Khoi doing Cupie

Team Fusion

Grizzlers' first training camp
Club Crawl 2012

Khoi's Toe Touch
Hahahah.... If you think so, they are not :)

Bonding camp winning team (Teddy Bear) :)
During our exchange with BU
Grizzlers Teal

Khoi's last training with us

Last monday, was his last training with us, we decided to do elevator extension with him as the flyer.
Khoi, thanks for being part of us, we will miss you, although now you at Vietnam, do visit us if you can :)

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Our First Nationals (IHLCC 2013)

Our very first nationals.
This session has finally ended. Congratulation to all the winning teams, and WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR GRIZZLERS ALL GIRLS :)

Our journey to nationals wasn't an easy one, however it was an awesome one. Having training almost everyday really bond each and every bear together. Having to set the mats and move the roll mats from the forum to the atrium, it's crazy. NYP became our second home, red mats; blue mats; roll mats became part of our life. The mats stinks like hell because it was saturated by our sweat. HAHA. Blood stains are visible as well.

We had our good times and bad times throughout this journey. I'm very proud of my team, I'm very proud that we still stood by each other despite some arguments and disagreements. I'm enjoyed every single moment of training when it was our good day. Laughter; crazy random dancing; things that put a smile on your face whenever we think of it. 

Team Teal
Team Black
Our champion girls :)

i love my team.

Legacy + Razors + Grizzlers = 

Special thanks to our Make Up Artist of the day 

KBBQ after 
 Special thanks to our dear coach fai for coming up with such a wonderful routine for our team, and always believing in us, and thanks for staying till so late just so that we can have such pretty bows on our head. :)
We also want to show our gratitude to Legacy All Stars. Without having them around during training just feels weird now. Thanks for making training so fun and without their guidance, we wouldnt be able to come so far as well. THANK YOU