Friday 21 December 2012


training on 14 December 2012 was slightly different from the other trainings. We had a mini celebration, to celebrate everyone's birthday/ Christmas/ National day etc..

everyone was gathered at the atrium for training. Half way thru the training, the cake coach ordered was delivered. it's a very beautiful and expensive cake from coach Fai. Thank you coach for spending your money on this cake just for this event. We really do appreciate it very much! :)

Everyone brought their gifts and had it placed on the table and we had to pick a number to see what present we got from our secret Santa ;)

After the gifts we sang a birthday song to ourselves and ate the cake :p and it was back to trainings! it's a very meaningful event and I guess all the bears had fun that day!

Thank you coach once again and MERRY CHRISTMAS BEARS :)

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Bangkok University Exchange Program

 It's definitely one of our greatest honor to be able to train together, breathe the same air as the world champion. Bangkok University! It's such a rare opportunity and we would like to thank BU for being such a wonderful host. They really made us feel at home. So welcoming, friendly and fun people :)

First Day
Bears had to report very early to the airport. I guess everyone was feeling really excited hehe and YAY we are taking Singapore Airlines :p

When we touched down in Bangkok, Beer a BU assistant coach was actually waiting for us at the airport. Really sweet of him. We got to the hotel, unload our luggage and off to a Muslim Restaurant for lunch and  BU for our first training. It was a different environment from where we usually train. It was air condition and it makes it tough for us to breath after every run. But we still continue :) After our first training. We had dinner in another restaurant, and back to the hotel! Where some of us went shopping/ food hunting while some stayed in the hotel to rest.

Second Day
We were 2 men down. Our poor Nicholas had bacterial infection from the street food he had the previous night. He had high fever in the middle of the night, and his room mate Xu Hua actually went down to get him panadol. haha! Joycelyn also vomited and had diarrhoea.

We  had our breakfast in the hotel and off to BU for a full day training. Tips and techniques were shared to us from the humble BU cheerleaders. Thank you! Training was tough but enjoyable.

P`Toey. The most inspiring coach of BU

The cutest gymnastic coach with magic hands

Third Day
Another full day of training with BU cheerleaders. It's the last full day training we are having with BU, and we made use of every minute and try to absorb whatever we can. Training ended in a blink of eye. We bought BU cheerleaders their favorite drink "apple aloe vera" from Singapore and they were overjoyed, and it made us very happy as well hahha!

Fourth Day
Last and half day training with BU. Time was really very precious, and the short 3 hours of training that day just flew by. After training, we hosted a lunch together with the BU members and their staff to thank them. Everyone sat around each other to have lunch. Surprised them with a gift each and a DIY card. And we had a fun time having Beer to read out what was written on it. May helped us with the card and I guess she had many thai spelling errors.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and it was free and easy time. :)


Fifth Day
SHHHHHHOOOOOOPPPPING DAY! :) Our tour guide, Uncle Joe brought us to the leather shop in the morning where they sell wallets and everything made from real leathers.  & after that he dropped us at JJ market where we had 3 hours of shopping time and after that to MBK.

Uncle Joe has been a real sweet tour guide. He would follow us around and sit outside BU training ground while we have our training while waiting for us. Grizzlers would like to thank Uncle Joe. :)

Sixth Day
Time to go home. :(

We are actually very lucky to be given this chance, we are a very very new team. despite not being to any competition before, Ms Karen actually help us fight for this rare opportunity to go abroad to experience more and train with the world champions! Thanks for believing in us.

We would also like to thank BU for taking time out from their busy schedule to train and guide us this four days despite it being their exam period. We really appreciate it so very much.

& while we were busy training, Ms Karen and Ms Jeanette were the ones taking care and sending everyone that fell sick to the hospital. Thank you. :)

Monday 15 October 2012

Mini Outing 8 October 2012


 The day before some of us fly to Bangkok, we had a mini gathering with all the bears. Nothing much, just a simple mini gathering for all the bears to bond. And also, we took the chance to celebrate a belated moon cake festival together. HAHA It was definitely a meaningful outing. I guess everyone had fun playing lanterns, candles and eating moon cakes. Special thanks to these girls, Venessa; Netty; Sarah; Jeslyn and Shirin. They bought each and everyone of us laoban bean curd :)

everyone brought moon cakes

Lao Ban

Happy Birthday Joel

And happy birthday Joel and Hazel! :) (Belated)

And not to forget, our dear Captain actually took her time to customize a cheer book for each and everyone of us :) thats very sweet of you chin yi. We appreciate it very much! Love you!