Tuesday 15 July 2014

GRIZZLERS Bonding Camp 2014

Yes, it's the time of the year again. It is GRIZZLERS Bonding Camp 2014 :)
Hardworking committee reaching at 7am to make them water bombs. 

We said that there'll be a lot of fun games and the camp is going to be fun. And it was. The preparation for the camp was not easy but the committee managed it despite all our busy schedules :) We hope that every single one of you enjoyed yourselves and remember this camp not for what mishaps but for the joy and happy memories!!

Day 1
All the bears reported at 9am and got divided into their camp groups; Sun Bear; Yogi Bear; Black Bear; Teddy Bear; Gummy Bear; Polar Bear. Just like any other camps, it was the morning-get-to-know-each-other time while coming up with their group cheer! :)
Cracking their brains for the cheer
We then proceeded into the big room for something mysterious... The different groups get to choose numbers from 1-5 for different sets of materials to create their own flag! The best group cheer gets to choose first!!
Much happiness
What's underneath the black cloth...? 
So our mysterious materials are.......
1) Newspapers & Highlighters
2) Bottles & Coloured Pencils
3) Straws & Crayons

4) Pole & Paint

5) Newspapers & Pens

6) Chopsticks & Markers

So proud of every group!! They really utilized the materials to make their flags and each has their own flavours to it!! 

Next, we played Bear-de-Ship (geddit geddit). It is a game that requires the bears to run into the highlighted zones in the shortest time and doing the correct allocated action (and sound)!! Sounds easy? Think again! 
Bear tummy "mmmm"
Bear head "ehwah ehwah"

Bear paw *does head isolation*
Bear tail *yknow what to do with the big fat butt, wiggle wiggle*

And we have.... The sad corner hahahahaha

Group photos after the exciting and tiring game for all!!!

Then it's lunch time!! 

After eating and restoring all the energy, it is time to wash those dirty mats!! 


While waiting for our mats to dry... We play Lollipop!! Teams have to make use of a hula hoop and newspapers to create a "lollipop"! Interesting isn't it? :)
Running to collect their water bombs

As we wait for the bears... 

That flying bomb
That stance

That walk
After the game ended, the nice bears helped the committee to clear up the newspapers and plastic bags :)) 

Photographer chua
As there was still time, we decided to start a game of Captain Sponge!! 


And it was time to shift the clean mats back to Forum!!

while everyone shifting mats...


Rest time!! Then we played "Moat Game" where no one is supposed to talk and had to step on paper plates one at a time. It was intense but no pictures were taken as we forgot about the camera :( After the "Moat Game" was dinner!! 

After dinner, we are honoured to have Legacy All Stars,our sister team, for an exchange! A very big thank you to Legacy All Stars for being ever so patient with us and guiding us during the exchange. It was a fruitful experience and we have learnt a lot from you! <3
"Get to know" circling :)
Demostration by Legacy All Stars
Listening attentively...
He's watching you
Trying pitch to hands for the first time!
Grizzlers little tokens of appreciation to the Legacy All Stars coaches, Michelle, Felicia and Glenn :) Hope you guys like it!
Big hugs from Grizzlers to Legacy All Stars' President, Shabeer! :) 
And that's the end of Day 1 :)

Day 2
Training to kick start Day 2!! The bears had no idea what was installed for them later in the afternoon.. *smirks*
Mama bear :3
Mmhmm, training :>

After training..... WE'RE HEADED TO WEST COAST PARK!! The bears finished 6 stations of games in a Amazing Race around West Coast Park. Good job everyone!! The games were a little bit off the ordinary... 
Put your shades on~
Snooze mode zzzz
That excitement

Let the race begin!!!
What are they doing?
OH! Placing pencils hanging from a string into bottles without handing them!
See what see
Bouncing pingpongs into plastic cups?!
Hula hoops?

Ah.. Great weather :))
This looks familiar.... 

Food twister!!!
Goggle soccer!
Where's the ball?!
So handsome 
Eggs and... Water? NO, vinegar ;)
Oh no!
Lancinlancing so happy
Survivors :)
Headed back to NYP and conducted our Annual General Meeting (AGM). The juniors got to know more about Grizzlers, like when it was formed, how Grizzlers grew and what has the team gone through the past few years. During the AGM, the outgoing-committee passed down their duties to the current committee of 2014/2015. Thank you committee of 2013/2014 for doing such a good of handling Grizzlers! Grizzlers loves you al :)There are only a few photos of AGM as there were some hiccups.

Same but different :D

All the bears have been a really great sport throughout the entire 2 days camp!! Hope you enjoyed our games and hospitality!! Hope we have created some unforgettable memories and brought everyone close ;) Lastly, we would like to thank all the group leaders! Without you guys, the camp wouldn't be as good as it is <3 Hold up, that is not all to our annual Bring to Bear!! Prom night has yet to commence and IT WILL. Details are all to be confirmed, so do anticipate an adventurous Welcome to the Jungle night!!! :> 
Thanks group leaders for making all this possible :) <3
Grizzlers Bring to Bear Bonding Camp '14 :)