Tuesday 8 January 2013

NYP Open House 2013



It's NYP open house 2013. A new year a new start! :) Open house was a success! We did two shows for both 7 and 8 Jan.

7 Jan 2013
Grizzlers gathered early in the morning at 8am at the atrium on Monday set our mats, changed and start warming up.

The very first performance was at 11plus am in the morning, there wasn't much crowd. So early where got people.. But we still managed to put on a good show, spirits all out.

Our next slot for our performance is at 4 in the afternoon. Crowd was awesome, we put on a reallllly awesome performance and i'm pretty sure everyone in the atrium enjoyed our routine.  And the important thing is that we enjoyed it as well.


8 Jan 2013
Day of of our open house performance. The routine is about the same, gather at 8am and start warming up.

This time, Gwenda had an interview for her attachment and we wasn't sure if she would be able to make it back in time for the second performance of the day. Hence we had to do a really quick change to the routine and the weather is not on our side as well. It was raining and we didn't have enough space to set our mats to practice our stunts.

We were practicing our new routine, and suddenly Gwenda's face appeared WOOOOO! The very last performance for open house was the best! THE BEST!

and .. today is our SUPER HUMAN'S NICHOLAS TAN's 19th BIRTHDAY!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! look at this happy boy!

Last but not least, SPECIAL THANKS TO FUZZLEE from LEGACY ALL STARS for taking his time out to replace our poor Randall cause he fractured his toe when a red bull dropped on it. Thank you FUZZLEE you made our training so fun with your bubbly personality! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Coach handing Fuzzlee his Grizzlers Tee

I'm part of the BEAR now

Grizzlers Love You!