Thursday 26 June 2014

Spring Wave Music Festival / Press Conference for "Meeting The Giant"

GRIZZLERS was invited to perform for these 2 major events which are packed really close to each other. We are glad that we hit ASU for both events and thankful for everyone's efforts. Thanks Coach Fai to be there for us for both events and cheering us on! Not forgetting Cheryl Tan too! <3

Spring Wave Music Festival
GRIZZLERS is honoured and would like to thank Della Ding Dang for inviting us once again to be the guest cheerleaders for her song "Ye Shou". This is our 3rd time collaborating with her and we are so happy that she still remembers us. This time, it was for Spring Wave Music Festival that was held on 7th June 2014 at Gardens By The Bay - The Meadow.
It was definitely a very special experience to many of us as it may be some of our first time performing for an actual concert alongside a renown celebrity/ singer like Della Ding Dang. GRIZZLERS wowed the crowd with our performance :) We also get to let loose on stage and interact with the crowd, bringing the atmosphere even higher!! GRIZZLERS hope that we can continue collaborating with Della Ding Dang for many upcoming years and establish new connections!! Thank you for giving us this opportunity :)
Team photo with Della Ding Dang :)

Here's the link to watch the full performance! :)
Della Ding Dang's Ye Shou ft GRIZZLERS

Press Conference for "Meeting The Giant"
GRIZZLERS is thankful and honoured to be the opening performance of the press conference for local movie, "Meeting The Giant". GRIZZLERS would like to thank the alumni who performed with us for this event! (Cheryl Chong, Glen Chang, Xuhua) The press conference was held on 11th June 2014 at Nanyang Polytechnic Indoor Sports Hall. It was a fun experience and there were so many cameras around us! After performing, GRIZZLERS stood in a line to welcome the casts of "Meeting The Giant". We got to meet the casts of "Meeting The Giant" as well as Tay Ping Hui (Director) and Zhu Houren (Producer). They were all very friendly and nice! :) Thank you for giving us such an opportunity to be on media be it on stunts or off-stunts! It was a great exposure for GRIZZLERS :)
All set for our performance!

Final pyramid! 

Here's the link to watch our full performance! :)
"Meeting The Giant" Press Conference perf

NYP Clubcrawl 2014

Our mascot! :)
Hmm.. GRIZZLERS Cheerleading sounds pretty awesome

Sorry for the late post! We have come to the end of Club crawl 2014! It was held on the 23rd and 24th of April 2014. GRIZZLERS hit an ASU performance and had a successful recruitment! We definitely had lots of fun during the Clubcrawl, watching each CCAs showcases! We would also like to thank everyone that showed your support for GRIZZLERS!! This won’t be possible without the help of many people and we would like to dedicate this post to them!

Thank you Legacy All Stars for coming down to support us and helping out with the recruitment!

Thank you GK for coming back and performing this routine with us even though you’ve graduated. The amount of effort you’ve put into the team is very much appreciated J

Thank you Coach Leo for coming back and helping out as assistant coach! Thanks for constantly helping us with our techniques and being so patient J

Thank you Aaron Toh for putting in so much effort with the team, we know it isn’t easy to be a leader and to manage the bunch of us especially when Coach Fai is not around. You never gave up and instead came up with more training so that we’re more prepared for this performance J

Thank you Coach Fairul for creating this Clubcrawl routine! The team wouldn’t have come this far without your guidance and constant effort! We hope we made you proud! Although you’re not physically there with us but we know that your heart is J <3

Here are some pictures from Clubcrawl 2014!
Shoulder-sit wefie! ;)
Weird things our bears do 
Helping each other with make up is a must! ;)
Who says only girls get to fly?! 
Joining in some mass dance thing (whole new level)

Like what you are seeing? Think it is fun and exciting? It’s still not too late to join us! Trainings will be on Monday and Wednesday 6.30, Forum (Block E level 3, above north canteen). Please be in sports attire and flat-soled shoes. For the girls, remember your sports bra and tights!!

Defy the ordinary, be extraordinary. 

Click on the link below to watch our full performance during Clubcrawl 2014 :)